friends please answer my 2 Qs

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You have posted under English mentioning conjunctions. But I cannot see any question related to English. Therefore, I am unable to provide any answer on this post.



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Anjali plz tell the Qs
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which part of the cell contains organells
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please ans this Qs
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what difference between pure air and polluted air...
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it is found in the cytoplasm of the cell. Which is a jelly like liquid substance.
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  1. pure air is free of any harmful gasses
  2. it has no smell
  3. it is free from any pollutant
  4. it is not irritating for our eyes.
  1. the pollute air is very harmful for us
  2. it is impurities , the pollution is the contamination of air.
  3. it gives filthy smell
  4. smell was that people can't breathe
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what is your twon Q 
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