functions of chlorenchyma?

1.It provides mechanical support.

2.It provides Flexibility to the organ (plant) in which they occur.

3. When Cells of collenchymacontain Chloroplast.they manufacture sugar &Salt.

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Chlorenchyma provides mechanical support and flexibility to the plant. 

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Helps in the process of photosyntesis

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Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight into usable energy. During photosynthesis, CO2 carbon dioxide is taken in from the atmosphere and oxygen is released as a waste product. Both photosynthesis and gas exchange that powers it are  essential to a plant survival
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It contain chlrophyll and perform photosynthesis
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(1). Its main function is to provide elasticity and flexibility.
(2). It is provide mechanical support.
(3). These prevent leaf margins against tearing effect of swift winds.
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1.collenchyma provides flexibility as well as strength.provide mechanical strength.
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It give mechanical support to plants
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