1.Kerala is located in south-wetern part of India.It lies between  10° 00' N latitude and 76° 25' E longitude .
2.According to 2011 census data,population of Kerala is 33.3 million.It is a most literate state of our nation.
3.Most of the people of Kerala speaks Malayalam and English.
4.The neighbouring states of Kerala are Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
5.The Kerala has following physiographic divisions: 
a. Highlands-It slopes down from the Western Ghats (also known as the Sahyadri).Its average height is 900m.This area is also known as the Cardamom Hills. This region has major plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and various spices.Anaimudi, highest peak of southern India is located here.
b.Midlands-It lies between the mountains and the lowlands, is made up of undulating hills and valleys.This is an area of intensive cultivation. Cashew, tapioca, banana, coconut  and different varieties vegetables are grown in this area.
c.Lowlands-It is  also known as the Coastal Area. It is made up of numerous shallow lagoons known locally as kayels, river deltas, backwaters and shores of the Arabian sea.It is a land of coconuts and rice.
6.There are 44 rivers in Kerala.Apart from it there are countless number of tributaries and distributaries of rivers.
7.Kerala's costal area is rich in many mineral ores and minerals like graphite, silica, iron ore, bauxite and clay.


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