Given 4 points A, B, C, D such that 3 Points A, B, C are collinear. By joining these points in order we get

a) a rhombus b) a rectangle c) a square d) a straight line

pls give an explanation along with the ans.

A,B  and C are collinear. Therefore the line is a straight line.

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pls answer FAST.........its URGENT

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We would get a straight line. co linear means that all the three pionts lie on a straight line. the min no. of points needed to draw a figure is 3 non-colinear points. but in this case 3 points are on a straight line. so (d) is the most suitable answer

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we get a straight line or we get a triangle

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we can make a straight line

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tnQppl 4 ur responses

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