Higher indifference curve represent higher level of satisfaction to the consumers explain the statement also state the underlying assumptions related to this property of indifference curve

Higher indifference curve represents a higher level of satisfaction because higher IC means a bundle consisting more of both the goods or same quantity of one good n more quantity of the other good . It is based on the assumption that the consumer has monotonic preference , ie , more consumption gives him more satisfaction .

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higher indifference curve represent higher bundle of goods which thus lead to higher satisfaction of consumer
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In an Indifference map, there are various Indifference curves[ICs]. These ICs show different level of satisfaction of the consumers. They are also formed with different level of taste and preferences and also the budget of the consumer. So obviously, the highest IC will represent the highest satisfaction the consumer can get.

Assumptions: 1] Consumer is indifferent against all the points on the IC.
                      2] All points offer equal satisfaction to the consumer.
                      3] The IC is governed by the assumtion of monotonic preferences, which means that consumer get more satisfaction with more consumtion of a commodity.
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