how did aram justify mourad's act of stealing

When Aram came to know that Mourad had stolen the horse , then he said that this is not as same as that stealing if we take a thing and don't return to it . According to him ,if a thing is taken for enjoy and after having joy it is placed at the same place then it is not called as stealing

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Moreover, seeing the passion he had for horses, Aram believed that taking the horse was justified.

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Aram justified Mourad's act of stealing as it wasn't stealing,as stealing a horse for a ride was not same as stealing money.It wouldn't became stealing unless they offered to sell the horse...
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In William Saroyan’s short story “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse,” Aram justifies his cousin’s acquisition of the horse using his personal reasoning process. By examining the text for evidence, the reader can follow Aram’s thought process.

Aram and Mourad come from a poor but proud, honest, self-sufficient Armenian family. Stealing is unheard of in their clan. When Mourad arrives with the horse in the middle of night, Aram is forced to justify how the animal came to be in his possession. After thinking about it, Aram decides his cousin did not steal the horse because he was not going to sell it for money. The boys were only going to ride it, which he reasoned did not constitute stealing. If they decided to sell it, which would never enter their minds, then the line would be crossed, and the animal would be considered stolen goods.
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