How do the weeds affect the crop plants?

Weeds are the unwanted plants that compete with the crop plants for nutrition and various other factors. Thus, they damage crops by affecting their growth.

Weeds compete with the main crop plant for air, water ,sunlight and nutrients in the soil making them deficient for the main crop. Also, they are not of use to humans. Thus they affect the growth of the plant and their removal is necessary.


Some measures to control weeds :

  1. Manual removal .
  2. Spraying weedicides.
  3. proper soil and seed preparation.
  4. timely sowing of crops , intercropping and crop rotation.
  5. use of resistance variety crops , which resist the attack of pathogens.
  6. summer ploughing , which includes deep ploughing to destroy weeds and plants

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Please can someone give me in detail 

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Weeds compete with the crops for sunlight, space etc and hence affect the growth of the plant.

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Weeds are plants that grow in cultivated fields along with the crop and compete with crop for nutrients, light, and space thereby causing great harm to the crops. The harmful effects of weeds are:

  • It reduces the productivity of crop plant as the plant gets lesser nutrient, light and space.
  • It increases the cost of agriculture.
  • It increases the irrigation requirement.
  • Some weeds can cause health hazards to man and animals. (allergy and poisonous).
  • They act as alternate hosts for pests and pathogen.
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