How does a mosquito help in spreading viruses/microorganisms

Mosquitoes specifically female mosquito contain these viruses or microorganism in them because they breed on there habitat, so when female mosquito containing virus or microorganism come in contact with the humans it transfer the virus in the body of the humans. Female mosquitoes suck blood of humans as proteins in the blood are necessary to produce fertile eggs while male mosquitoes feed on the sugar found in plant nectar. While sucking the blood of humans it transfer the virus in the body.

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It doesn't spread virus, it spreads parasites. It takes parasites from an infected person and injects it in a healthy person. The parasites reproduce and infect the healthy person.

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when a female anopheles/aedes mosqito sits over a source of that particular parasite (ie protozoa/virus) they stick on its body and are injected into a healthy person while they suck blood.

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a mosquito is an insect which moves everywhere. when garbages are thrown in the road, the mosquitos go there and lays eggs. as they sit in the garbage, curtain amount of bacteria sticks to its leg.they then comes in contact with a healthy person and pass the microbes into the body. this way they spread viruses. so they are also called carriers.

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