how does water help in formation of soil?

Water too aids in the process of soil formation. It enters the rocks through the cracks in them and freezes at low temperatures. This expands and contracts the rocks, which results in the breaking down of the rocks. Another way in which water helps in the formation of soil is when running water flows along rocks. The flow of water along the rocks creates a friction between water and rocks, which results in the weathering of rocks. This leads to the formation of soil. The soil thus formed may flow along with the water and get deposited elsewhere.

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Water seeps into the cracks and crevices of the rocks. In the night when the temperature falls it freezes and expands and thus the cracks also expand. Finally it breaks down into pieces.

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water is one of the most important ingredients in any soil.without water,soil formation would not be possible.water enters soil via a number of diffrrent processes. the most common is through precipitation,such as rain and snow.this prcipitation enters the soil and drains down into it. 

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Role of water in soil formation is as follows:

Due to continuous movement of rain and fast flowing river water, rock pieces collide and break down into smaller rocks, then into pebbles, then into tiny finer particles that make up the loose stuff we call soil.

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 water logged in the cracks of the rocks contrast and expand due to sun's heat which powders it

water coming from ocean struck the rocks and makes into small peices

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