How has the author used the episode of the bank theft to comment on Satyajit's success in his career?

The author has very well knit the entire frame of the story. He wanted to show a common man's rise from a mere client to the post of Managing Director. He, in turn, wanted to explain how success earned through short-cut could be shortlived. He introduced this incident in the story making it the key episode, highlighting on how Satyajit managed to get promoted by play of chance. The author elaborates on a situation here on how men rise by occurrence of such incidents based on luck. It was just a matter of chance that he got the position and, thus, didn't have any rational reasons for the same. Thus, with no solid foundation for him to achieve what he did his success came to an end in a short while. The author wants to exemplify through this story that the tempo of failure is always faster than success.

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