How is nij cultivation different from ryoti?

Nij cultivation Ryoti cultivation
a. Under this system, the planter directly produced indigo on the land controlled by him. Under ryoti , the planters entered inti contracts with ryots and were given advances at low rate to produce indigo on their lands. 
The planter hired labourers to produce indigo As per the contract the ryot had to produce on indigo on 25% of his land . The planter provided all the raw material including the seed , drill to the ryot.
Some of the problems associated with Nij cultivation was that fertile land and large area of land was required to grow indigo. Even labour was not easily available Under this system, the ryot was tied with the planter throgh the cycle of loan, . Excessive growth of indigo affected the fertility of the soil that hampered growth of food crops.

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  • Nij cultivation
  • In nij cultivation planters grow indigo on the land they they directly controlled.
  • In this there was no contract to be signed between planters and ryots.
  • The planters buy land and give it to zamindars
  • It was done on 25% of the land

Ryoti system

  • It was practiced on the land of the ryots
  • Sometimes,a contract was to be sign between the planters and the ryots
  • The planters give loan to the ryots to buy land
  • Indigo was cultivated on the whole land
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