how is plastic useful in healthcare industry?

Plastics are very useful in healthcare industry. 

It has been used to make syringes, store medications, obtaining X-rays etc.

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Plastic is used in healthcare industry to make syringes,rapers of packets of medicine, to develop healthcare instruments, to get the X-ray report and many more such uses.

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in a healthcare industry many things starting from syringes to tablet covers, are made up of plastic.. therefore, it is obviously useful

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 Plastic is very useful in health care industry as there is no other material like plastic. Blood can be stored safely in plastics bags. Many medicines are packed in plastics. Plastics keeps thing very safe from bad weather, bacteria etc. There are some thing in health care industry which is to be kept safe from microorganism, plastic will help.they  are  used  to  make  syringes,make  healthcare  instruments, and  to  get  x-ray  reports  etc

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Plastic is not only a evil but it is also very much useful.It saves the life of many people by storing the medicines properly.

Plastics keep the bacteria , bad weather etc away from the atmosphere. So,I think you got the idea

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