how is seed dispersed in rice, maize, jowar and bajra plants? also write the agents of seed dispersal. plzz fast need it 2morrow

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The process of seed dispersal takes place by:

(1) Wind : Some seeds are carried to far-away places by wind. The seeds which are carried by wind can have   winged seeds   like in drumstick and maple. They can have light seeds like in grasses, or can have hairy seeds like in oak.
(2) Water : Some seeds are dispersed via water. These seeds which are dispersed through water have a tendency to float. They have a spongy or fibrous outer coat such as in coconut, which aids them in floating.  
(3) Animals : Some seeds are dispersed with the help of animals. The seeds dispersed by animals have spine or hook-like structures to get attached to the body of the animal, for e.g.   Xanthium.
(4)  Other methods of seed dispersal involve sudden bursting of the fruit with a jerk, which results in the scattering of seeds to new places, sometimes a long way from the parent plant. For example, this process occurs in fruits of castor and balsam.

Seed dispersal takes place in plants like jowar, bajra, rice and maize through agents of dispersal such as animals and birds.


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