How many protons move for the synthesis of 1 molecule of ATP?

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During the process of ATP synthesis in mitochondria, the protons are transported from matrix of mitochondria to the  space between the inner and outer membranes (intermembrane space). This creates proton gradient between the inter membrane space‚Äč and matrix of the mitochondria. The breakdown of this gradient is important to release energy. This gradient breaks down by the movement of protons from intermembrane space of the mitochodria through the transmembrane channel of the F0 region of the ATP synthetase enzyme that finally produces ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphate (Pi). 

The number of protons required to synthesise a single ATP depends on the type and structure of ATP synthetase enzyme. It has been observed that ATP synthetase involved in mitochondria requires approximately 3 protons per ATP produced.
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Three ATP molecules require eight protons, which means one ATP needs protons........
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