How plants can be grown in glasshouse in cold climate condition?

Greenhouses or glasshouses are the transparent small room like structures or big building for growing small plants . Their roofs and wall are either made of glass or plastic. Greenhouse allows sunlight to enter, but prevents the heat from escaping.This results in an increase in the temperature inside the greenhouse.

In greenhouses temperature, humidity, soil aeration,  moisture and drainage, fertility levels, and light are controlled at the levels that are conducive for the optimum growth of plants. Temperature is controlled by heaters, fans, thermostat and vents. Proper irrigation is done for growing plants.
 Specially designed greenhouses keep tropical plants warm during the winters in colder climates. Apart from this, greenhouses also provide protection to plants against factors that are adverse to their growth, for example, pests and strong winds.   

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plants can be grown in glass house in cold climate condition by when in afternoon sun rays are present than with rays heat are also came with them but the heat cannot go out side with sun rays and some heat ia also absorbed by earth so plants grow properly in glass house.
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