How to draw a perpendicular to the hypotenuse in a right triangle?

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To draw a perpendicular AD from vertex A to the hypotenuse BC of a right ΔABC Steps of construction are as follows:

Step I : With vertex A and Radius AB draw an arc cutting BC at P.

Step II : With centre B and radius more than BP draw an arc.

Step III : with centre P and the same radius as in previous step, draw another arc intersecting the arc drawn in previous step at Q.

Step IV : Join AQ and let it intersect BC at D.

 Now AD is the required perpendicular.



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with a compass!

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compass se banane ke liye bhi steps chaiye
wo kaun dega?

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dimag hai to tu khud kar sakta hai na...dumbo

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if u dont care then y r u commentin ???????????
just coz u r feeling insulted
my work is done...............

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