How to remember REACTIVITY SERIES?

Kindly refer to the answers given by your friends.
Choose one or use this as a guide to make a mnemonic for yourself.

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Devise some technique of your own which helps you remember the series with ease.

Well,but if you go through the chapters clearly it must would aid you a lot keeping the sequence clear to you and by then it would not be that hard to remember it!! 



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u can write their short names and form an acronym


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for example

potassium      physics 

sodium            said

calcium           chemistry

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The method which Khushboo has given is the best way to learn reactivity series.

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K- kedar  Na- Nath  Ca-ca  Mg- Mali  Al- Aloo   Zn- Zara  Fe- Feeke  Pb - Pakata  H- Hai   Cu - Khata  Hg - Hai  Ag - Achcha  Au - Achcha.

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tejinder you forgot some metals 

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 remember pbsc manzintl...

each letter signifies each element 4rm top of the reactivity series

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which one i forgot? just let me.


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which one i forgot? just let me know.

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u have forgot Tin (Sn), Platinum (Pt)

and khata aue achha ke bich me nahi "HAI" nahi aayega

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I mean khata aur achha ke bich HAI nahi aayega Tejinder

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in the ncert these are not, i have written according to ncert only.


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you  can it by using my method that is

a  train stars from a statation that is ke ba sr ca na mg al

its destination is zin fe co ni

by this medium u can learn it

thumb up plzzzzzzzzz

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read posocam aluzil comesigo like a word or a works!

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kaka nannd mg al zn fe sn pb bhaiya h agyakari cu hg ag au sab par bhare

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Kedar nath ka Mali aloo Zara pheeke pakata h then cu huge Ag au
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