how was fire useful to early humans

Fire served early humans in  many ways which changed his life to greater extent.Some of the uses of fire for early human were :
1.It was used as a protection against wild animals.
2.It was used to roast meat .
3.As,the early men was a cave dweller ,he used to lit the caves with this fire.

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Following are the advantages of fire:
It was used to cook and roast the food.
Scare away wild animals.
Light up the dark caves.
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While rubbing two stones man might have accidentally seen a spark of fire. While rubbing it harder fire started burning. In this way, fire was discovered.
       Discovery of fire changed the lives of the people. Fire kept the wild animals away from people. Fire gave them warmth during winters. Accidentally, apiece of meat might have fallen into the fire. After taking it out and eating it it was much tastier than raw meat. In these many more ways fire was useful to early mans    

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