I am very scared of result of nso by  sof.

i  secured  state rank  58 .

Another student of another school has secured state rank 550 and he has been selected for the next level of nso.

His international rank is above 6500 and he has been selected and my rank is below  1000.

Thats not fare. 

Only because his school rank is 1.

But his state rank is ten times of me.

And international rank seven times of me.

I thought that sof would rank students truely and only those students who have secured below 500 rank would be successful.

I will not give any olympiad ever by sof.

i will only give nstse,ftre etc in these exams i would not feel bad if i am not qualified.

I will try to do better next exams but in sof olympiads there is no such criteria.

 Ya That's true

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Ya thats really true . even in my class it happened so

I also did not like the format of ranking given by SOF My NSO international rank was 65 and one of my friends' was 55 .............u can see so little difference .although both of us were selected but I had to satisfy with a silver medal .......Moreover this year in IMO the paper was very hard and in our school students with rank over 2000 are getting selected in 2nd level ........... I m also very sad about this.............

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