​I did not get this question...please this time do answer it and dont ask the exact location....it is the 3rd question of first topic test of chapter statiscs of class 11th

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a,a+d,a+2d,....a+nd is Arithmetic Progression of of n terms.We know that:Sum of n terms of an A.P.=n2First term+Last term=n2a+a+nd=n22a+ndMean=X¯=Sum of n terms n=n22a+ndn=2a+nd2Now sum of deviations about the mean is :S=a-2a+nd2+a+d-2a+nd2+.....+a+n-1d-2a+nd2+a+nd-2a+nd2=2a-2a-nd2+2a+2d-2a-nd2+.....+2a+2nd-2d-2a-nd2+2a+2nd-2a-nd2=-nd2+2d-nd2+.....+nd-2d2+2nd-nd2=-nd2-nd-2a2+.....+nd-2d2+nd2As you can see first and last term will cancel out each other, second and second last term will cancel out each other.Similarly all terms will cancel out each oS=0OptionA is correct.

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