I found this question in NCERT Exemplar and can't solve it . Please help!!

If x=a ,then , which of the following will not always be true for any integer k.

a) k*a = k*x
b) k-a = k-x
c) k+a = k+x
d) a/k = x/k

I thought it should be none of these as all these r always true. But in the solutions it is given that d) can not always be true. I can't understand the logic behind that.
Further,I asked one of my teachers and she said that the logic is that if k = 0 then it will become undefined and undefined cannot be equal to undefined.
Is this true? Please answer fast.

Yes all the options are correct except d.Explanation given by your teacher is correct.As any number divided by zero is undefined and two undefined numbers can't be equal.Since the vaue of undefined numbers are not define.

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