I have a question. So like we are studying three types of history, ancient, mediaeval and modern. So after 25 years will we name them the same way like we do now or in a different way

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The division of history into ancient, medieval and modern is a European point of view put on other countries because of the massive colonialism and imperialism policies followed by them. This is not in any way a perfect division of history because history is a continuous process and as E. H. Carr explains results from cause and effect. The division is made simply for academic understandings. Anything when categorised into neat boxes becomes easier to understand.
In this division, ancient refers to a period when society, politics and economics were either non-existent or in primitive stages of development. A slight shift happened from tribalism to civilizations but by and large, the world remained stagnant. When complex social and economic processes began and complex state structures developed to look after them, the medieval era is assumed to have begun. Culture became richer and finer than before. With the development of science, technology, reason and industry, the modern period ushered in. These divisions are not based on chronology but are based on the characteristic of the age defined by a specific period.
Hence, even after 25 years, the division would be followed as it is if it is at all followed because the academicians are now trying to look at connected histories, away from the divisions of time and space. Many scholars have devised the term post-modern era for development that has happened since the late twentieth century but it is not yet a commonly accepted period of history.

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