If E. coli was allowed to grow for 100 minutes, what would be the proportion of light and hybrid densities of DNA molecules 🧬? (No links please)...experts 
it is based on measles on stahl experiment of class 12 bio NCERT, same conditions as per that experiment.

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The answer for you doubt is written below:
 The dividing period of e.coli is 20 minutes , so in 100 minutes there will be total five cycles and 5 generation will be obtained.Therefore in total their will be total 25 DNA. 
First the bacteria is made grown in N15 isotope and eventually into the medium having N14 isotope. The process of semiconservative replication will occur and after first generation one strand of N14 that is hybrid dna and one strand of N15 will be present in the medium.
The second generation will be having 50% hybrid and 50% light DNA .
Third generation after 60 minutes will contain  25% hybrid and 75% of light DNA
and in the  fourth generation their will be 87.5% light DNA and  12.50% that of hybrid DNA. In the fifth generation there will be 6.25% of hybrid DNA and 93.75% light DNA.

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