importance of conservation of water

1. Water is important simply for survival of life on earth, without freshwater human species along with other would die.
2. Since usage of water is very highly demanding at all spheres of earth therefore it is extremely important to conserve water.
3. Water is one of the nature's precious gift without which survival of plants and trees would be impossible, so in order for a clean and safe environment water is required by plants and trees for us to  provide oxygen and clean air.
4. Water is necessary for functioning of a cell (basic unit of life).
5. Water conservation is important because drinking water supplies are reducing a lot due to over usage and climate changes, because of which many part of the world are experiencing drought and conservation of water will ensure there is enough supply.

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Water is very important content. With out water there is no life in earth. We use water in so many ways in our daily life. Water is a substance which covers part of the world. It means water is occupying more portion compared to land. But this water is becoming more polluted because of the environmental changes. So it is necessary to conserve the water. It is every one duty to protect the water because everyone uses this water and we the people are making water polluted. Now we may get the doubt how to conserve the water. A few simple changes in home about the water consumption make a vast contribution to water conservation.

The basic changes we have to do is stop leaking of water. We have to see whether there is a leakage in our taps. Because of the water leakage taps we cant protect the water. We can also protect the water byInstalling Low-Flow Showerheads. With these we can protect the water because it flows lower. And we wont use much water with these Low-Flow Showerheads. When we are brushing our teeth or when we are shaving we have to turn off faucets. After completing the work we have to use the water. By this change also we can preserve the water. Using sprinklers for yard is also a good remedy for water conservation.Turn off the water in the shower when shampooing the hair Water will be saved . it is better to replace the new toilets in place of old toilets. These are high efficiency and will use less water. To collect a rain water use a rain barrel at the bottom of gutter down spouts. It may use for watering plants. These are some of the things to follow to conserve the water.

We all use the water we must also see how we are using this. It is important to note that there are many reasons why we waste this natural resource; it has become necessary to waste the resources for innovating new technologies. How ever we have now proved it is not necessary to waste. It is easy now to conserve the water. By conserving water we can also save the money. There are hundred of ways to conserve the water. But may not follow all those ways. We can follow only those ways which are easier to us. The easier things we can follow are the things which are mentioned above. They are the things we follow easily in our home.

It is the responsibility of every one to educate our children. With this we are indirectly conserving the water in future also. The children who are educating to save the water will save the water in future also. Now if we cut the usage of water it definitely helps the future generations. Water is mainly related to environment. Green also helps for the environment. Growing greenery every where and encouraging forest causes rain fall. So green is also conserving the water.Thumbs up?

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water is a very precious resource. it is very less as you know. and water is the only resource which we are very dependent on. and if there is no water that means there is noe life on earth. therefore we need to conserve water by doing water harvesting, drip irrigation building dams.

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Conservation of water:

-water is the most crucial element for our survival but freshwater is in short supply and that is very important for the consumption of human beings, it is our main source of sustenance-there are different ways to conserve water such as judicious use of the water supply in your homes,offices and schools because the paucity of water has become quite evident these days-shorten your showers-careful about how much water you use to wash your cars or water your plants-monitor your water bills-rain water harvesting-sewage water treatment to convert dirty water into potable water fit for drinking-maintenance of the level of water in the underground water table
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