#Important question## Experts plzz give value pts.

#Important question## Experts plzz give value pts. themselves. ViliaYes QI. VALUE BASED QUESTION. Mukesh say'S 'I will be motor mechanic . I will leamtodrive acar' Not Only setting a goal ,but having a Clear idea about the means to reach strong determination and commitment are achieve success. Based letter to younger brother making him aware of the need for setting realistic goal reach It with strong determination and commitment.

Soumyo Das,
Riverside Township,

Dear Soumyo,
I have just learnt from mother that you are representing the state at the National Championships. This is great news and I congratulate you thoroughly for your singular achievement. But, at the same time, I must also caution you against getting carried away. You are at the beginning of a prospective career in Archery and so, proper planning is required for the purpose of achieving realistic goals.
As your elder brother, I would advise you to take things at a time. For now, it is important that all your focus and energy is concentrated in winning the National Championships. Please try not to lose your focus by thinking about other things like shouldering the financial burden of the family and everything. Also, try not to be bogged down by other peoples' criticism.
After the National Championships, try and focus on the Asian Games, then the Commonwealth Games, the International Archery Championship and, finally, the Olympics. However, for now, you should be committed to the National Chmpionships.
Also, you must not falter on your commitment towards the game.

Yours sincerely,

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