In a class of 50 students, there are 27 girls and 23 boys. 18 are 'A' students and 10 of these students are girls. If a student is chosen at random what is the probability of
a)Choosing a girl
b)Choosing a non 'A' student
c)Choosing a boy
d)Choosing a boy who is a 'A' student

Please reply fast.......

Dear Student 
Total students are 50
Boys are 23
Girls are 27
'A' students are 18
'A'  girls are 10

a)Probability choosing a girl = number of girls/total students = 27/50

Non 'A' Students are 50-18 = 32 

b)Probability choosing a non 'A' Students = number of non 'A' students / Total Students = 32/50

c) Probability choosing a Boy = number of boys / Total number of students = 23/50
Boys in 'A' Students = 18-10= 8

d)Probability choosing a Boy  as 'A' Student = 8/50

Hope it helps 


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