In a school, there were 5 teachers- A, B, C, D and E. A and B were teaching Physics and Chemistry and Botany. D and A were teaching Maths and Physics. E and B were teaching English and Hindi. C was teaching Chemistry and Botany.

1. Who among the teachers was teaching the maximum number of subjects?

2. Which of the following pairs was teaching both Botany and Physics?

(a) A, B (b) B, C (c) C, A (d) none

3. More than 2 teachers were teaching which subject?

4. D, B and A were teaching which of the following subjects?

(a) Chemistry (b) Physics, Chemistry (c) Physics (d) Chemistry, Botany

5. Which teacher was teaching less then 2 subjects?

A and B teach Physics , Chemistry and Botany
A and D teach Maths and Botany
B and E teach both English and Hindi
C teaches Chemistry and Botany
Thus from above we can refer that
A teaches Physics , Chemistry , Botany and Maths
B teaches Physics , Chemistry , Botany , English and Hindi
C teaches Chemistry and Botany
D teaches Maths and Physics
E teaches English and Hindi
Now answer to your questions on data above

1)As clearly mentioned B teaches maximum number of subjects  (5 subjects)

2)As mentioned A and B teach Botany and Physics
so option (A) is correct

3) Its Botany and Chemistry which are being taught by more than two teachers

4)D , B and A were teaching Physics together as common subject in all 3 of them is Physics
So option (C) is correct

5)None of these 5 teachers teach less than 2 subjects

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