In chapter 10 of english that is REPORTED SPEECH after the para INVERTED COMMAS ............... BY THE SPEAKER an example is given so there in the indirect speech it is written that THE TEACHER SAID SHE WOULD GIVE THE TEST ON REPORTED SPEECH TODAY so in the first two examples by the direct speech by the speaker and the direct reported speech at the last it is tommorrow but why in the last one it is today not the next day and in the second example also why it is tommorrow nor the next day?And where we use:- the next day ,the next week ,the next month ,the previous year ,that day,etc?

Yes, you are the right. If the direct speech is: The teacher said, “I will give a test on reported speech tomorrow.” then the correct reported speech should have been "The teacher said she would give a test on reported speech the next day".

We regret the inconvenience caused and would rectify the error soon. 

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and if today is correct thenwhy it isn't that day.

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