In nomenclature of coordination compounds the CMA is named differently for different complexes eg

1: K2[Zn(OH)4} is potassium tetrahydroxidozincate(II)


2: [Zn(en)F2]is (ethylenediamine)difluorozinc

Please explain!

In K2[Zn(OH)4] the central metal atom is part of anionic complex = [Zn(OH)4]2- hence the suffix -ate after Zinc.

Whereas in case of [Zn(en)F2] the compex is neutral ((en) is neutral ligand and positive charge in Zn(II) is balanced by presence of 2F- ions) hence the name of the CMA is written as it is.  

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This is because, in first case another cation potassium is present. However, in second case , Zn is the only cation present.

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