in the chapter - the night we won the buick , what is the answer of this question?question is: How would you describe the night when the family won the Buick?

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               The Night the family won the Buick was very exciting for the narrator. But the excitement was short lived as his father, who was knowing that the winning lottery no. ticket as that of his friend, wanted to return it. The narrator was against it and did not understand why they should give the Buick away to his father's rich friend who had no use of it. But his father was true to his word and returned to Buick to his friend.
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The night we won the Buick
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What did the author family own instead of a csr
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What do you think the boys that did
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What was the ethical question the narrator's father was struggling with?
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What did the author family own instead of car
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What did the author's family own instead of a car?
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