In which phase proteins for spindle fiber formation are synthesised? a) G1 b) G2

c) s

Prophase-During prophase, the first phase of mitosis, the chromosomes condense (shorten) and become visible when stained and viewed under a microscope. During the latter part of prophase, the nuclear membrane disappears and the newly formed spindle fibers attach to a region of the centromere called thekinetochore.

Metaphase-During metaphase, the spindle fibers move the replicated chromosomes to the middle of the cell where they line up in single file along theequatorial plane.

Anaphase-During anaphase, the sister chromatids are "pulled" apart (separated) and move toward opposite poles of the cell. The separated chromatids are now calleddaughter chromosomes.

Telophase-During telophase, the last phase of mitosis, the spindle apparatus disappearsand nuclei reform around each set of daughter chromosomes. Cytokinesis also occurs during telophase. In animal cells, acleavage furrowforms and eventually divides the cytoplasm in half among the two daughter cells. In plant cells, cytokinesis is accomplished with the formation of thecell plate.

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