In which state of matter, diffusion is (a) fastest ,(b) slowest . explain?

a)gases because particles in gases move quickly as compared to particles in solids and liquids.

b)solids because particles have the least movement in this state of matter.

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diffusion is the intermixing of two substances of diffrent matter on their own

the diffusion is fastest in gases as the molecules present in it have large amount of intermolecular space.

the rate of diffusion is least in the solids as the molecules present in in have less or no intermolecular space between them

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diffusion takes place fastest in gases as they have alot of intermolecular space between them and the particles are loosely packed. eg- different gases get diffused together in the atmosphere . we can diffuse oxygen with water like in water bodies.

diffusion takes place slowest in solids as they have very less or no intermolecular space in them as the force of attraction in solids is very high and the kinetic energy is low.therefore the particels of other material do not have space to go and diffuse with the particles of solids

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