kalkavaluhoihichhan maahin.
kahaun pukari khori mohi nahi..
kaunsa ras hai?? please help!!

**** kalkavalu   hoihi   chhan maahin............mohi nahi
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Why is the title triumph of surgery?

The title of the story "The Triumph of Surgery" is appropriate because the dog was cured without the dose of medicines. ... Looking the dog after fortnight Mrs Pumphrey was very happy and after knowing that Mr Herriot did it all without any medicinal treatment, she named it as a "Triumph Of S
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The measure of an angle is determined by the amount of rotation from the initial side to the terminal side. One way to measure an angle is in terms of degrees . A measure of one degree ( 1? ) is equivalent to a rotation of 1360 of a complete revolution.i immobilise
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