Let R and C denote the set of real and complex numbers respectively.The function f:C to Ris defined by f(z)=|z| is:

a)one-one but not onto

b)onto but not one-one

c)both one-one and onto

d)neither one-one nor onto

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neither one-one nor onto.

domain is complex nmbers set and codomain is real numbers set.


for a complex no. z = a+ib , |z| = √(a2+b2) which is always positive and its range is R+.


range is R+ and codomain is R.

as range not equal to codomain, it is not onto.


we can have many numbers where a2 + b2 = c2 + d2 .

So, though, a+ib not equal to c+id, their modulus will be equal.

one such eg is:

1 +7i and 5+5i they both are different complex numbers, but their modulus is same , i.e, √50.

so, it is not one-one.

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