List the three characteristic properties of plastics

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Properties of plastics:
1) Poor conductor of heat and electricity: Plastics are insulators. This property is very advantageous for us. Their resistance to heat makes them useful in the handles of cooking utensils and their resistance to electricity makes them useful in many applications such as insulation on wires, switchboard cover, etc. Handles of screwdrivers are made up of plastic to avoid electric shock.

2) Can be moulded into any shape: This property of plastic comes in really handy as they are used to make different things of various sizes and shapes, such as plastic bottles, plastic wrappers, rubber bands and so on.

3) Chemically inert: Plastics do not react with air or water. They are resistant to corrosion. Many plastics are not even affected by most acids and bases.

4) Light in weight: Plastics are easier to carry and handle as compared to metals, wood and alloys because they are light in weight.

5) Transparent and Flexible

6) Non-biodegradable: This is not a good property as it is harmful to our environment.

7) inexpensive: Plastics are cheaper and easily affordable.

All these properties make plastic very versatile for us. However, use of plastic is really bad for our environment and hence, we should minimise its use as much as we can.

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Plastics show the following General Characteristics :-

1. Toughness or Tensile strength :

plastics vary in their tensile strength from material to material. plastics have much less toughness as compared to metals and alloys like steel.

2. light Weight :

plastics are much lighter in weight as compared to woods, metals , etc.

3. Chemical Reactivity :

Plastics are not affected by acids and alkalines. natural polymers such as cotton, wool, etc are damaged by acids.

4. Appearance :

Transparent plastics material can be made they look like glass. plastic can be coloured in any colour and given any shape and are used for making large variety of household products.

5. weather Resistance :

plastics are not biodegradable that is why , they do not change with weather unlike natural fibres like cotton, and wool.

6. Thermal Conductivity :

plastics are the bad conductors of heat. For this reason, the handles of the cooling utensils are made of plastic material.

7. Electrical Conductivity :

plastics do not conduct electricity . This property of plastic is used for making electrical appliances like switches, irons, touches, bulb- holders etc..

8. Solubility in water :

there is no effect of water on plastics. They are insoluble in water.

9. Effect of Flame :

The plastics melt on bringing closer to flame.
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