living state and metabolism are synonymous. comment.

One of the major characteristics of biomolecules is that they have a turn over rate, that is, they are constantly being synthesized from precursor molecules, a process termed anabolism, and being broken down into simpler products, a process termed catabolism. Metabolism is the process of achieving a harmony between catabolism and anabolism so as to fuel the various processes occurring at cellular level. All biological organisms live in a steady state, which is defined as a non equilibrium state maintained in the body because the body constantly needs to be dynamic in order to survive. Any system with unequal components tends to reach a state of equilibrium and stabilize there. However if the body reaches an equilibrium state, our vital processes will stop, and we will cease to be alive. Metabolism provides the energy to maintain this state of non equilibrium, and the living state is the maintenance of the steady state. Hence living state and metabolism are synonymous with each other.

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