lord dalhousie was responsible for expanding british terrotries in india justify your answer?

Dalhousie, the greatest expansionist, followed three principles for the extension of the British dominion in India, namely,
a.War of annexation, b.The Doctrine of Lapse and c. Occupation on the ground of misgovernment.
By annexation Lord Dalhousie occupied Punjab and Bihar, which was a part of Nizam's territories: By the application of the principle of the Doctrine of Lapse Dalhousie annexed Satara, Jaitpur, Sambalpur, etc.
Further, the whole of Oudh was annexed by Dalhousie on the ground of misgovernment in 1856. Thus under Lord Dalhousie the British Empire in India was extended to its maximum limits
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How expansion of British territories under lord dalhousie expand?
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Lord Dalhousie devised a policy called the Doctrine of Lapse it is used when the ruler of the kingdom under British protection (subsidiary state)died without a natural heir his territory would not automatically pass to an adopted heir but would 'lapse', that is become part of the British Dominion,unless the adoption had been earlier by the British that way Dalhousie annexed Satara ,Nagpur Jhansi and many other kingdom under the Doctrine of Lapse
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