make a flow chart to show how hormones stimulate changes in the body of boy and a girl at the onset of puberty??

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Here are some points regarding the changes that are seen in boys and girls on the onset of puberty :- 
                                     PHYSICAL CHANGES
Facial hairs such as beard and moustache develop. Growth of pubic hairs starts.
Their shoulders become wider and body becomes muscular and increase in weight. Body become curvier and hipbones become widen. Girls started to gain weight.
Sex organs enlargement started. Breast starts to develop and enlarge.
There is a change in the voice, their voice become deeper (formation of adam's apple). Girls voice become thinner.

Some emotional changes will also be there experienced by both boys and girls during the onset of puberty:
  • Change in mood- feeling extreme changes in moods or mood swing will be there.
  • Peer pressure - feeling more close and comfortable with friends rather than parents or family.
  • Feeling conscious about self, specially girls because they develop faster than boys in terms of changes in their body.
  • Developing sexual maturity - that is a normal attraction of opposite sexes towards each other.

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