mention some of the guidelines that can be kept in the mind while devising ways and means of political reforms in india..

Major guidelines to be kept in mind for reforming politics are as follows:

  1. Encouraging public debate among political activists, parties and politically conscious citizens.
  2. Taking into account the social and economic implication of political reforms and encouraging laws that empower people.
  3. Focus of reforms should be on ways that strengthen the practice of democracy.
  4. Taking into account the manner on implementation of reforms.

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(i) The constitution was amended to prevent elected MLAs and MPs from changing parties. This was done because many elected representatives were indulging in defection, in order to become ministers or for cash rewards.

(ii) The Supreme Court passed an order to reduce the influence of money and criminals. Now, it is mandatory for every candidate, who contests elections, to file an affidavit giving details of his property and criminal cases pending against him. This new system has made a lot of information available to the public.

(iii) The Election Commission passed an order making it necessary for political parties to hold their organisational elections and file their income tax returns. The parties have started doing it but sometimes it is mere formality.

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