Mention the latitudinal extent of india
Explain its significance

Dear student, Latitudinal extent : 8°4'N and 37°6'N Significance: 1. The latitudinal extent results in wide variation in the climates. The southern India receives more sunlight than northern part which results into diversity of flora and fauna. 2. Thus India is situated in tropical and temperate zones. 3. Northern part of India has high annual range of temperature whereas the southern part has low annual range of temperature. Regards

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The latitudinal extent of India is 8 degree 4'28" N to 37 degree 17'53"N.
The significance is it helps in receiving monsoon from the southern part of India which lies in the warm tropical zone. In d northern part the Himalayas are the source of rivers which solves the problem of water scarcity in the northern part of India.
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