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It is not possible to provide the mind map of whole chapter i.e animal and plant tissues. We suggest you to go through the study material on our website and try to make the mind map your self. Also you can take tips from the google to make mind map of tissues. I am providing you the flow diagram of Plant and animal tissues. You can use them to make complete mind map.

Plant tissues are divided into:

  1. Meristematic tissues
  2. Permanent tissues

​Meristematic Tissue

  • Meristems - specialized region of cell division where growth is restricted

    Permanent Tissues

  • Based on the structural differences, plant permanent tissues are of two types:

    • Simple permanent tissues

    • Complex permanent tissues

  • Simple permanent tissues:


    Complex Permanent Tissues

Animal tissues:
1. Epithelial tissues
2. Connective tissues
3. Muscular tissues
4. Nervous tissues

On the basis of shape and functionality, epithelial tissues are classified as squamous, cuboidal and columnar epithelium.

Epithelial cells can be flat (squamous), cube-shaped (cuboidal) or elongated (columnar).

Connective Tissues:

Muscular Tissues:

Nervous tissues –Highly specialised tissues present in the brain, spinal
cord, and nerves.
Neuron – It is the functional unit of nervous tissue
A neuron consists of a cell body, an axon, and a dendrite.


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