Multiple Choice Questions:
Q.1. In which year first cell was discovered?
(a) 1665  (b) 1674
(c) 1688  (d) 1988
Q.2. All activities in the cell and interactions of the cell with its environment are possible due to:
(a) Nucleus  (b) Cytoplasm
(c) Plasma  (d) All of above.
Q.3. Tick the incorrect option?
(a) Robert Hooke- cells
(b) Leeuwenhoek- living cells
(c) Robert brown- nucleus
(d) Schleiden- Protoplasm
Q.4. ER membrane is similar to the structure of:
(a) Nuclear membrane  (b) Plasma membrane
(c) Cell wall  (d) None of these.
Q.5. Some proteins and lipids function as:
(a) enzymes  (b) hormones
(c) both (a) and (b)  (d) none of these.
Q.6. Which of the following is incorrect pair?
(a) Nucleus – Brain of the cell  (b) Mitochondria – Power house of the cell
(C) Chloroplast – kitchen of the cell  (d) Lysosome – Secretery granules.
Q.7. Which is known as the waste disposal system of the cell?
(a) Lysosome  (b) Mitochondria
(c) E.R.  (d) Ribosomes.

Dear Student,

Here are the answer to your questions,

  1. 1665
  2. Cytoplasm
  3. Schleiden- Protoplasm
  4. Nuclear membrane
  5. both (a) and (b)
  6. Lysosome – Secretery granules.
  7. Lysosome

Due to paucity ot time we are not providing you answers with the description.


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