name some human activities that pollute water and degrade land.suggest two measure to prevent pollution and degradation.

Human activities that pollute water are:

a. Dumping of industrial waste.

b. Oil spillage

c. Domestic sewage discharged in water bodies.

d. Throwing of plastics in the river, bathing animals .

 Land degradation takes place due to following:

i Excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides.

ii. Over grazing, deforestation

iii. Deforestation

iv.Over irrigation increases the salt deposits in the soil

 Measures to prevent water pollution :

a. Factories and industries must be built away from water bodies.

b. We must avoid throwing garbage, bathing animals in the water bodies.

Measures to prevent land degradation are:

a. Regulate the use of fertilizers.

b. Encourage afforestation growing more trees.

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