Name the 2 types of specilized kinds of parenchyma.

Two specialised types of parenchyma are chlorenchyma and  aerenchyma.

Type of parenchyma which contains chlorophyll and can perform photosynthesis, is called chlorenchyma. It is found in leaves as mesophyll cells. 

Type of parenchyma which contains ‚Äčlarge air cavities is called aerenchyma. It is found in aquatic plants. It gives buoyancy to the plants and helps them to float.

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Thecellsof permanenttissuesdo not have the ability to divide. These cells are already differentiated in different tissue types and is now specialized to perform specific functions. They are subdivided into two groups, viz, simple tissues consisting of cells which are more or less similar, e.g. epidermis, parenchyma, chlorenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma and complex tissues consisting of different kinds of cells, e.g.xylem and phloem.

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The two special types of tissues arechlorenchymaandaerenchyma.Chlorenchyma- If the parenchyma tissue contains chloroplasts and are calledchlorenchyma, which help in photosynthesis.Aerenchyma- In aquatic plants, parenchymatous cells contains large air cavities that help in bouyancy and are calledaerenchyma.

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