Name the change of state during the following changes :

1. drying of wet clothes

2. melting of wax when kept in sunshine

3. melting of ice

4. formation of clouds

5. napthalene balls become smaller when kept in air

6. formation of snow

7. evaporation of water

Dear student!

1.Drying of cloths – evaporation (from liquid to gas as vapor)

2. Melting of wax in sunlight – melting( from solid to liquid) 

3.Melting of ice- from solid to liquid form, 

4.Formation of clouds – gas to solid or liquid. 

5. Naphthalene balls become smaller when kept in air- it changes from solid to directly gas.

6.Formation of snow- liquid to solid and evaporation of water – liquid to gas,

7. Evaporation of water- conversion from liquid or gas (water vapor).

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