name the factors affecting pressure

  • the factors afftecting air pressure:- 

Three factors that affect air pressure are temperature, altitude, and water vapor.

  • The factors affecting liquid pressure, that is the pressure at a certain depth below the surface, are:

1) depth of liquid
2) Density of liquid
3) pressure of air or other gas above the liquid surface.
4) acceleration due to gravity, but for practical purposes this plays little part.

  • the factor affecting vapour pressure..: - 

Vapor pressure is a function of T and volatility (energy required to convert a liquid (or solid) into a gas. Pressure of gas mixtures depends on the concentration of the non-volatilized materials and their partial press contributions to the sum.

  • The factor affecting gas pressure:- 

Pressure is affected by volume, temperature, and the number of moles present.

Use the ideal gas law: PV = nRT 
P is pressure; V is volume; n is number of moles; R is a constant; T is temperature (in Kelvin!)

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Factors affecting pressure are:-



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factors that affect pressure

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IT is affected by area force density temperature and altitude
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Area and force are the two factors on which pressure depend.
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Factors that affect pressure are aisi ki taisi.
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Factors which affect the pressure are nhi pata
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