notice for the school notice board informing the students about the visit of the director of education to your school on the occasion of Independence Day celebration asking students to maintain punctuality cleanliness and discipline

Dear student,

*"We would like to congratulate you on your CBSE 10 Board results. We are sure you have done well, please share your result via the URL below and we will showcase the top performers on our Wall of Success so that current grade 10 students can get inspired by you."*

The answer to your query is as follows:



 5 August, 20xx.

 A visit by the Director of Education will be carried out in our school on the occasion of Independence Day from 10 AM to 1 PM. The students are requested to be punctual, come in proper uniform, remain disciplined and pay special attention to the cleanliness of the class room. For participation in the special assembly to be conducted on that day, contact the undersigned by 7 August, 20xx.

(Vice Principal) 


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