Construct a triangle with sides 5 cm, 6 cm and 7 cm and then another triangle whose sides are  of the corresponding sides of the first triangle.

Give the justification of the construction.

Steps for construction-
1. Draw a line segment AB of 5cm.
2. Taking A and B as center, draw arcs of 6cm and 7cm radius respectively. Let these arcs intersect at point C.
3. Join AC and BC.
4. is the required triangle.
5. Draw a ray AX making acute angle with line AB on opposite side of vertex C.
6. Locate 7 points A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7 on line AX such that AA1=AA2, AA2=AA3, AA3=AA4,
AA4=AA5, AA5=AA6, AA6=AA7.
7. Join BA5 and draw a line through A7 parallel to BA5 to intersect extended line segment AB at point B'.
8. Draw a line through B' parallel to BC intersecting the extended line segment AC at C'.
9. is the required triangle.

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 make a triangle of the above measurements of sides ....draw an other line from any of its vertices......make 7 markings on this [2nd] line.....join the 5th mark from the vertice to the other vertice of the [first] line ......measure the angle that you just made on the 5th mark & make a line parallel to it [make this line from the 7th mark] .......join the other end of the first line to the end of the line you just made ......again measure the angle & make angle of same measurement will get your answer .....

I know it is confusing without a diagram but I can't draw it ......still hope you got it .....

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