Of the members of three athletic teams in a certain school, 21 in are in basketball team, 26 in a hockey team and 29 in the football team.14 paly hockey and basketball and 8 play in all the three games, how many members are there in all

Let B,H,F denote the set of members who are on the basketball team, hockey team and football team ,respectively as shown in the figure, Then nB=21, nH=26 , nF=29nHB=14, nHF=15, nFB=12and nBHF=8and we have to find out nBHF.Using result, nBHF=nB+nH+nF-nHB- nHF-nFB+nBHF=21+26+29-14-15-12+8=43Hence there are 43 members altogether.

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