On sour cream walls, donations. Shakespeare‖s head, Cloudless at dawn, civilised dome riding all cities. Belled, flowery, Tyrolese valley. (a) How were the walls built ? (b) What do you find in the classroom ? (c) What is the significance of Tyrolese valley ? (d) What does the word, ―Belled mean ?

Dear student,

The answers are as follows:
  1. The walls of the classroom were pale yellow in colour, they resembled a structure which had not been taken care of or cleaned since long.
  2. The classroom had ironical pictures and paintings like that of Shakespeare & the World Map on the wall which covered the cracking plaster.
  3. The Tryolese valley has been used as an example to set a stark contrast between the beautiful world outside and the dull & sickening condition of the classroom.
  4. Belled means making available of bells or make a ringing sound.

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a) the walls were built dull and dirty, they had a creamy paint job done like they haven’t be renovated for long 
b) he find a phot of  Shakespeare’s head , a map hung on wall with images of Tyrolese valley
c) significance of Tyrolese valley are :-
     It has clear blue sky,
     It has shining domes of institutes 
     And a beautiful scenery 
d) bellled refers to the sweet sound of bells and that of birds.
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